Ruben Acevedo

Ruben Acevedo has been a business owner since he was 24 years old.  Now at 43 Ruben is a licensed real estate broker with 2 offices.  He is also a licensed mortgage broker and owns 20 rental properties.  Ruben established Rubenís Productions Inc. in his hometown of Elgin in 1992.  He began as an independent producer at the Hispanic radio station WVVC 103.1 FM in Highland Park, buying airtime and producing his own show.  He later moved his show to WJKL.

Rubenís Productions Inc. purchased WJCI AM 1460 last year and converted it to a Hispanic format.  The primary reason is that Champaign County has no other radio stations catering to the Spanish-speaking People.  Rantoul and Champaign have become home to a large Hispanic population. This decision was made because Ruben saw an untapped market. 

Ruben also operates under a production contract at an Elgin radio station 1410 AM.  Ruben has a goal of starting a number of such stations in the Midwest.  ďMy idea in the near future is to buy another station like this one in Michigan, and another in Indiana and another in Wisconsin Ė in small markets to create one of the biggest Spanish radio network stations in the Midwest.Ē

While the Rantoul station initially operates with automated programming, we are bringing in locals disk jockeys. 

The stations format includes not only 70ís and 80ís Spanish and American music but also a bit of humor, a bit of lifestyle wisdom.  It is important for local and area businesses to support the radio station with advertising if the community wants to keep a radio station.  We will be providing as much local programming as possible, including eventually local news.